preet srivastava's work is both a representation of the cultures present within the American paradigm, as well as, a reflection of the complexity and depth of any culture in global transition.  It narrates the spiritual, personal and political act of defining beyond the confines of a culturally biased discourse. It seeks to evoke that prophetic sense which liberates verbal communication while emanating her artist motto. 

"Half Indian"  - Clifton Faust

"Half Indian" - Clifton Faust

about the artist

preet srivastava brings to canvas her truth about life and love, identity + identification, ethnic pride + cultural divide.

She finds meaning and prophecy in channeling interpretations of spirit in nature, iconic reflections and cultural discourse through oil, water color and mixed media.

“The paintings are beyond me. Each stroke reflects guidance that is both personal and universal. It’s my connection to the divine universe and everything in it.”

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